Need a Pest Control Pro in Palm Coast?                  

 Palm Coast has it's fair share of insects, rodents, spiders, snakes, and other pests. EXPEL's professional pest control operators in Palm Coast are ready to tackle your problems. Our Palm Coast services are designed to cater to the customer. In Palm Coast, we combine detailed treatments & pest control with ongoing inspections to ensure complete protection.

Palm Coast Pest Control Inspection

The first step in any pest control program is a detailed inspection. Our inspectors are extremely thorough and will find every potential pest problem and set up a plan to destroy and prevent new pests in Palm Coast. Our inspections are free and include interior and exterior evaluations. This is by far, the most important part of any Palm Coast pest control program. 

Palm Coast Pest Control & Prevention

When it comes to pest control in Palm Coast, we are your local expert. Our Palm Coast Pest Control programs are designed to protect your home or business from the ground up. Our ongoing training and classroom education allows us to offer the best pest control services in Palm Coast. We are strong believers in using the integrated pest management (IPM) system. This system is perfect for Palm Coast because of the high number of pests in the area. We look at things like entry points for rodents and insects, gutters that are full of debris, limbs & brush too close to the structure, grease and grime, damaged insulation, droppings in and around a structure, standing water, and debris & trash build up inside a structure. All of these issues will make your Palm Coast property more attractive to pests, so we make it our priority to get rid of them.

Monthly, Bi-monthly, & Quarterly Pest Control in Palm Coast

How often your property in Palm Coast receives service all depends on your specific situation. Condos, apartments, and duplexes should be treated monthly or bi-monthly because there is no way to know what pest problems your Palm Coast neighbor has. For most residential homes in palm coast, quarterly pest control is sufficient. For older homes, bi-monthly pest control may be required. For restaurants, businesses, warehouses, and industrial factories in Palm Coast, monthly pest control is necessary. Your business must have regular monthly inspections to prevent problems long before they will happen.

Our Palm Coast exterminators are the best pest control professionals available in the area. Our Team of highly trained pest control specialists are experts in any Palm Coast pest control situation. Common situations in Palm Coast would be roaches inside the kitchen area. Palm Coast pest control technicians will find the source of the roaches to allow for complete elimination. Palm Coast cockroaches, although can be exterminated, we must provide ongoing service to ensure the pests stay under control. Palm Coast silverfish are a problem, especially if you have moisture issues. With proper pest control, these pests are under control in no time. Palm Coast ants are also a fan of moisture as are many other pests. The key in Palm Coast pest elimination is being thorough and using pesticides correctly. Bug control is a needed service for anyone who wants proper control of unwanted pests.