Mole Trapping in Jacksonville, FL - Mole Control           

Are there piles of dirt in your yard? Are you seeing your beautiful lawn damaged by tunneling moles? If so, we have the solution. We offer a program to keep moles under control while also keeping your yard looking mole free. We use a combination of mole traps & effective baits while also removing any excess dirt and pushing down tunnels caused by moles. Like insect pest control, moles are very prolific breeders and to keep activity to a minimum, monthly service is a must. Our wildlife technicians will thoroughly inspect your property and determine which tunnels are most active and set traps accordingly. For maximum results, we set 2-4 traps per property depending on the size and amount of mole activity. 

Get Rid of Moles in Jacksonville & Northeast Florida

Moles are a very difficult species to control due to their random underground patterns. With that in mind, we recommend ongoing service to check traps and move them as needed. It is common to have new activity even after one month of trapping. In some cases, it can take multiple months to control a mole population and minimize activity.