How Can We Help You?                    

 Whether you need a handyman for an hour, or have a large project, an EXPEL Tech has the skills and tools to offer you a variety of services for your next home project.


Home Services 


 Insulation Replacement

If insulation is not performing its purpose, it's time to replace it. We offer a variety of insulation options for your specific needs. Age, wildlife, or years of foot traffic can destroy insulation and cause it to lose it's efficiency.


 Pressure Washing

Image is everything, which is why it is important to keep your home clean inside and out. Our Power Washing Services are your solution to clean walls, windows, and roof.


Gutter Cleaning

When your gutters fill up with unwanted debris, many things can go wrong. Leaves and sticks can clog gutters, add unwanted weight to the side of a house, and provide nesting material for unwanted wildlife and insects. We offer a combination of cleaning and gutter protection services with our EXPEL Gutter Solutions Package.