Bees Buzzing Too Close?                    

Honey bees are very beneficial to the environment. When bees get too close for comfort, they begin to be a nuisance. Honey Bees will often build their hives in walls, soffits, overhanging limbs, attics, and hollow trees. It is very important that the bees are removed to prevent damage. If they are living in a structure, the honey from the hive will rot any drywall or wood it is touching. Honey bees can also be dangerous if you accidentally get too close to their hive they may become aggressive. Non-native Africanized colonies are the most aggressive. Africanized colonies negatively impact local bee colonies by killing them and taking over their hives. 

At EXPEL, we know how important honey bees are so at all costs we try to relocate the bees alive. In some cases, this is not possible, nor safe. After we remove the bees, we can clean out the hive and any honey in the area they were living. If this is not done, many pests like roaches, ants, and beetles will be attracted to the hive. To ensure there is not any mold, we treat the area with an enzyme. The last step is to make sure bees can not re-enter into a structure. We can bee proof a structure to prevent bees long term.

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